Library Board

Board Trustees

Angela Wright-- Board Chair
Joy McGregor - Vice Chair, Town Rep
Jean Litz -- Treasurer
 -- Secretary
Becky Peiffer -- MD Rep
John Buck -- Trustee
Brian Pitcairn -- Trustee
Herfried Schmidt -- Trustee
Graham McCullough -- Trustee
Charlotte Measor  -- MD Trustee
Julie Brandle -- Town Rep (Alternate)
Trustee positions are available

Library Board Meetings

Regular Library Board Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month in the Staff/Program Centre within the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library at 50 Main St. SW. All Board Meetings are open to the general public.


February 6, 2018
Meeting at 6:00 pm

Reports &
Financial Statements

Plan of Services 2014-2018




Approved Oct 09 2013 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf62.72 KB
Approved AGM Nov 6 2013 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf75.66 KB
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Approved Dec 9 2013 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf52.65 KB
Approved Jan 15 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf73.93 KB
Approved Feb 12 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf58.75 KB
Approved March 12, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf56.46 KB
Approved April 9 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf75.89 KB
Approved May 14, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf42.85 KB
Approved June 11, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf65.77 KB
Approved July 11, 2014 Special Board Meeting Minutes.pdf20.86 KB
Approved August 6th 2014 Board Meeting Minutes .pdf72.54 KB
Approved September 17 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf64.72 KB
Approved October 8, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf46.18 KB
Approved Nov 5th 2014 AGM and Regular Library Board Meeting Minutes.pdf62.72 KB
Approved Dec 10 2014 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf78.83 KB
Approved January 14th 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf40.67 KB
Approved February 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf64.23 KB
Approved March 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf58.07 KB
Approved April 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf46.26 KB
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Approved June 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf182.37 KB
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Approved November 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf53.48 KB
Approved December 2015 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf37.54 KB
Approved January 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf44.66 KB
Approved February 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf46.37 KB
Approved March 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf127.28 KB
Approved April 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf52.02 KB
Approved May 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf124.44 KB
Approved June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf34.92 KB
Approved September 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf40.54 KB
Approved October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf41.67 KB
Approved November 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf145.83 KB
Approved December 2016 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf129.18 KB
Approved January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf28.74 KB
Approved February 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf35.2 KB
Approved March 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf35.68 KB
Approved April 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf39.97 KB
Approved May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf42.03 KB
Approved June 2017 Board Meetings Minutes.pdf42.03 KB
Approved July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf40.39 KB
Approved September 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf55.2 KB
Approved October 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf56.59 KB
Approved November 2017 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf52.1 KB
Approved January 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf36.1 KB
Approved February 2018 Board Meeting Minutes.pdf44.42 KB
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