What's Happening in the Library - July

26 June 2018
We have a packed July for you this summer! Come beat the heat the library where our Summer Reading Program events are in full swing!

We've still got Storytime on Tuesdays and our Connecting with Nature program on Wednesdays. After School Club is over for the year but we still have Youth Nights on Tuesdays. We'll also be hosting a Youth Bookclub on Thursday Afternoons.

Also please note our summer hours, where we'll be closing at 3PM on Saturdays

Some dates to note include:
July 2 - Library Closed
July 7 - Story Walk Starts
July 13 - Library Nerfgun War
July 18 - Rodzilla Magic Show

We hope to see you there!


What's Happening in the Library - June

29 May 2018

Summer is always one of our favorite times at the library! We always have lots going on and our Summer Reading Program is just one of those things! And while we've got our regular Afternoon movies, Story times, and After School clubs, we'll also be putting on a few more special events!

Some dates to note include:

June 7 - Calum Lykan Storytime 5:30-6:30
Jun 21 - Indigenous Storytime 10:30 AM

We're also starting up a Connecting With Nature program on Wednesdays from 10-12, so please come join us for that!

Help Us Make the Library Even Better - Survey

23 May 2018

By doing this survey you will be helping us in our future planning and tell us where to direct our focus. We want our library to be the best it can be and for that we need your help!

You can find a link to the survey here! Any and all feedback helps!

What's Happening in the Library - May

01 May 2018
Spring is finally here and things are happening at the library! There's After School Club, Storytime, Afternoon Movies and lots more!

Please note that the library will be closed on May 21st for the long weekend.

What's Happening in the Library - March

09 March 2018
Winter might not be willing to move on just yet, but we're still blooming with things to do at the library!

Come by the library on March 24th for your chance to get a picture with the Easter Bunny!

We've also got our afternoon movies, afterschool club and storytimes happening as usual so we hope to see you there!