Blind Date with a Book


Download to Calendar:
Start: Monday, January 17, 2022
End: Monday, February 14, 2022
Cost: FREE
Slave Lake Public Library

 Take a book home without knowing its title.
Who knows . . . you just might fall in love!

How it works:

1.  Select a wrapped book from the rack to take home. 

2.  Check out the book and don't forget to take a "Rate the Date" bookmark.

3.  After you’ve checked out the book, unwrap it to officially meet your date.  Give the book a chance but if things don’t work out, simply return it.  No hard feelings!  

4.  Fill out your "Rate the Date" bookmark and return it with your book.  We want to hear all the details, and your name will be entered into our draw!

You may enter more than once. Winner will be drawn February 14.