Computers and Internet Usage

Public Computers

The library is pleased to offer 7 public computers for adults and 5 for children. We currently require your name and contact information in order for you to use the public computers.  Computers are sanitized in between each use.  If you have any questions, please ask at the circulation desk.

We ask that patrons bring in their own headphones for use during their time on the public computers if required. 

Please be advised that:

- There is a 2-hour time limit on all computers to allow all patrons a chance to use our services. (If you require more time, please let us know)

- The library does not take responsibility for any lost files or the interruption of internet service.

- Remember to log out after use. The library does not take responsibility for open websites or files left on our computers.

- No food or drink is allowed near the computers. Please leave your food and drink up at the front or in your bag.

- The use of library computers to look at pornographic material, gamble or otherwise misuse the computers is prohibited.

Library Staff has the right to ask patrons to stop using the computers if the above rules are broken.  Library staff may also ban a patron from future computer use if any of the above rules are not followed.

Internet and WiFi

We offer free internet access on our public computer workstations and WiFi for your mobile devices. 

To log in to the WiFi, please use this barcode and pin, which are also posted around the library:

Barcode: 20135000174656

Pin: 1948

Click here to see our Internet Usage Policy

Printing, Scans, and Faxes

Printing is available from our public computers. Please alert the Circulation Staff when you have printed something and they will retrieve it for you. Faxes and scans can also be done with help from our Circulation staff.

Black and white Printing - $0.25/page

Colour - $0.50/page

Faxing - $2.00

Lamination - $2.00

Scanning - $2.00